Noruz countdown calendar

This year I have a new art of Persian Calendar for Persian new year. It is a “Noruz” countdown activity for children and youth. Throughout the fifteen days of this activity, children will experience the approaching “Noruz” which is the first day of spring in a special way!

This Calender is a play-based and multimedia activity that can start fifteen days before the Persian new year. Each day children will do one of the following tasks:

  • Planting a seed
  • Make a different kind of crafts
  • Cook or back something
  • knowing more and more about Iranian culture and beautiful arts

What is included:

You will receive some sets of printables for backing or making some crafts. During these fifteen days of adventure, you can send your crafts to us. There will be day-to-day updates via the following platform:

Instagram: mercede.ameri

And if you have any questions along the way you can always email us at:

We want to thank you for supporting us and our friends from all around the world through this amazing journey.

Design and Idea development by: Mercede Ameri

Paper calendar: 15€

Digital calendar: 12€


Vienna 2.40€,   Europe: 8€,    USA, Canada, Australia: 13€


مجله ژیوان شماره ۱

مبلغ: ۱۲ یورو


مهاجرت و کودکان

مهاجرت و کودکان

هدف اصلی مهاجرت برای خیلی از خانواده‌ها، به وجود آوردن زندگی ایده‌آل برای فرزندان است و متأسفانه بسیاری بدون در نظر گرفتن مشکلات و عواقب ناشی از آن به خصوص برای کودکان، مهاجرت می‌کنند. پدرومادر باید چه قبل و بعد از مهاجرت، اقداماتی را به منظور کاهش مشکلات و فشار زندگی...

بی‌حسی عاطفی چیست؟

بی‌حسی عاطفی چیست؟

بی‌حسی‭ ‬عاطفی‭ ‬حالتی‭ ‬از‭ ‬حضور‭ ‬است‭ ‬که‭ ‬در‭ ‬آن‭ ‬هیجانات‭ ‬را‭ ‬احساس‭ ‬یا‭ ‬ابراز‭ ‬نمی‌کنید‭.‬بی‌حسی‭ ‬عاطفی‭ ‬فرآیند‭ ‬ذهنی‭ ‬و‭ ‬عاطفی‭ ‬خاموش‭ ‬کردن‭ ‬احساسات‭ ‬است‭ ‬و‭ ‬ممکن‭ ‬است‭ ‬به‭ ‬صورت‭ ‬اختلال‭ ‬در‭ ‬پاسخ‌های‭ ‬عاطفی‭ ‬یا‭ ‬واکنش‌پذیری‭ ‬تجربه‭...

Let’s Learn Together!

Jivan learning house was founded in 2019 to give Iranian and Exil Iranians a place for their children to learn about and enjoy Persian culture.