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Mercede Studio for children is an arts organisation that creates art and craft workshops for children in Vienna and beyond. Started in 2016 and run by Mercede Ameri, an artist, art teacher, and art therapist.
This Studio aims to produce activities for kids. Since last year this Studio turned its most popular art and craft workshops into mail order kits and online workshops.

Oriental art class for children, Part One

Age: 3-6 yrs
Duration: 60 Minutes
4 Sessions
Section: 1
Cost: 50,-€

Refund Policy: The event’s fee is nonrefundable.

You can also reserve a consulting:

In consulting, parents learning new styles of interaction with children.

reserve classes

Arts & crafts from the orient

Different vocabulary and expressions, social skills, fine motor skills, Cognitive Skills,

also parents learning new styles of interaction with their children.

Materials that can help in Children Online Classes

Cardboard in pieces & size, Paper (white, colorful, old paintings, wrapping paper, etc.)

Colouring material like

Paint & paintbrushes, Paint sticks, Crayons, Felt pens, Oil pastels, Acryl or Quash Colors, Wool, string, ribbon, raffia, or yarn

Any of the following

Pipe-cleaners, beads, pom poms, stickers, bottle tops, sweet wrappers, craft decorations – whatever you have around the home;

You will also need

Pencils, Scissors, liquid Stick

Private art therapy session reservieren

more courses are coming soon…

For children

Magazine in Farsi

for children age tree to twelve about persian culture and tradition.

Book in Video form

A book about unconditional love, sharing, and siblings.

Home schooling

An offline course for parents to learn how to help children at home.

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کلیه حقوق مادی و معنوی متون، گرافیک، تصاویر، ویدئوها و محتویات وبسایت ژیوان متعلق به موسسه ژیوان است. بازنشر و استفاده از مطالب
وبسایت ژیوان، تنها با مجوز کتبی یا غیرکتبی از مدیر وبسایت و با ذکر منبع و لینک مستقیم (لینک مستقیم به مطلب و بازنشر کامل و‌ بدون
جرح و‌ تعدیل) بلامانع است.

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